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Tutopmagazine Weekly Love Horoscope

What’s on your romance horizon? Find out if the planets are aligned for love. Read what’s in the stars for your work in this week with free Career horoscopes!


This week, you’re likely to find yourself at a crossroads. Which way to go from here? Only you can make that decision for yourself, wild one. When in doubt, turn inwards. Your heart always knows the right answer. But saying yes to one thing could mean saying no to another. This is not necessarily a bad thing, Aries. Being in a space of clarity will ensure you go up from here. Make room for minor delays though. The silver lining: an opportunity to revisit the plan of action and attain perfection.


This is a week of grand openings, brought to you by the Universe. If everything seems picture perfect, that’s because it is. Trust the divine plan that’s unfolding for you. You are being guided to a future you’ve always dreamed of—one that allows creative satisfaction and financial freedom. Considering you’re making your way into unchartered territories, there will be a lot you are unaware of. Take this as an opportunity to perfect the art of improvisation.


An affirmation that promises to change your life: “I am increasingly magnetic to health, wealth, abundance, prosperity, and money.” Write it on a piece of paper and pin it to your work desk, or chant it out loudly to the Universe. ‘Yes, you can have it all, Gemini’, reiterates the big fat paycheque knocking at your door. But don’t let that be the reason you get complacent about your goals. You have the choice to leverage your fame and attract opportunities that are twice as lucrative.


This is a week of extremes. The second half promises to give your more than the first half could take away. Be patient and trust the divine plan. To safeguard your interests, ensure that you make the right decisions as far as money is concerned. Cancerians who are on a break at this point, allow yourself to enjoy the freedom that comes with unemployment. Feeling inspired to sign up for a retreat in the hills or visit an ashram? Let soul-searching become a priority.


There’s only one way to make it to the finish line looking like the most radiant version of yourself. Understand the true meaning of the phrase ‘slow and steady wins the race’, and apply it to your professional life. Your power words: patience, practice and persistence. The more you commit yourself to your goals, the more success and stability you will attract. The only thing you want to consider: could you be playing too safe? Know that it’s okay to shake the status quo if it leads to something magnificent.


There’s an unstoppable force about you, Virgo—one that’s motivating you to face your worst fears and go after your larger-than-life dreams. Just be sure to ground your energy before you jet,set, go. This will help you act from a space of awareness at all times. Open yourself to a chance encounter with an expert from your field this weekend. There’s a lot your could gain by interacting with them.


Despite your best efforts to stay on the top of your game, you may find productivity as one of your biggest challenges this week. Beware of pushing against the flow, Libra, especially if your body and soul are telling you otherwise. Do you need to prioritise healing at this point? Consider working with a therapist or soul coach. Alternatively, you could embark upon an Eat, Pray, Love kind of journey by yourself.


This is not the week to start something new. Focus on the what is already on your plate, which is a lot. Given the length of your to-do list, you could find yourself struggling with deadlines. So plan ahead and minimise the distractions. An opportunity or position that you have been vying for could get taken away by somebody who does not have your best interests at heart. Trust the law of karma when the going gets tough. You do not want to stoop down to their level no matter what.


There’s news for those have been bitten by the travel bug. Your Monday morning chai in the hills is likely to be a cause of much envy. Don’t let that stop you from exploring the unexplored and connecting with your tribe. The second half of the week could throw a curveball or two your way. What’s a few delays along the way? Do the best you can and then surrender. Trust that you will receive due credit for the efforts you have put in.


Everything you desire is within your reach—money, power and fame included. But what are you sacrificing in order to achieve the desired results? Integrity is everything, Capricorn. Keep that in mind when you find yourself striking a deal with the devil. Emotional ups and downs are also likely to be a constant this week. Are you letting the professional ups and downs affect your emotional well-being? A certain degree of detachment will help you focus on what’s really important.


Some would say you are operating from a place of naivety. But their opinions matter little to you. For the first time in many years, you have found an endless reservoir of optimism and creativity within yourself. Does that mean the road ahead is a clear one? Anything but, Aquarius. However, you are prepared to freestyle your way to the finish line. Challenges, if any, will resolve themselves in no time. You’ve got the kind of support system that would make your enemies run and hide.


Haters are gonna hate, Pisces. Don’t let their jealousy and pettiness come in the way of the empire you’re about to build, which promises to be bigger than anything you’ve ever imagined. This is a significant week for you career-wise. Pay attention to the openings. The seeds you plant will come to fruition six months from now. Looking to invest in your own dream home or studio? Wednesday promises to bring heartwarming news on that front.

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